Cargo vs Workato

Why GTM teams are switching from Workato to Cargo

The best GTM teams need specialized automation features to bring their pipeline-generating ideas to life.

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Frederic Pinchon
Frederic Pinchon
Director Revenue Analytics@WandB
Switching to Cargo was a game-changer once we realized the hours we'd save by not having to cobble together DIY patches for complex lead routing logic in a generalist workflow builder.Frederic Pinchon
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Unify all your customer data in Cargo

Cargo's built-in storage seamlessly unifies your data sources. Combine your CRM, product insights, marketing, and intent signals to create powerful workflows without technical bottleneck

Unify all your customer data in Cargo

Simplify Data Enrichment with Cargo Credits

Cargo offers enrichment credits and native integrations with leading data providers, so you don’t get bogged down with contractual details before testing what works best

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Simplify Data Enrichment with Cargo Credits

Cargo vs Workato

How Cargo stacks up against Workato

Unify customer data with built-in storage
Enrich customer data with native integrations
In-platform enrichment credits
In-platform credits for email validation
Capture 1st and 3rd party data intent signals
Segment-based workflow triggers
Route and assign leads
Manage sales reps' capacity
Score leads or accounts
Manage API rate limits
Account & lead list building
Lead-to-account matching
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Ready-made templatesWe've converted the most popular Cargo workflows into pre-built templates. Get started in minutes.Learn more
Dedicated weekly supportIf you encounter a challenge, our team likely has the experience to help. Benefit from dedicated support to build your workflows and refine your growth strategy.
Native IntegrationsWe've integrated with top-tier revenue tools and release new integrations every week.Learn more

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