How to activate your website visitors with Albacross

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Hundreds of visitors come to your webpage every day. Use Albacross with Cargo to identify potential customers that visit your website.

In this guide, we'll show you how to start from companies identified by Albacross, retrieve stakeholders for those accounts and outreach them, in real-time.


All integrations mentioned in this guide require an associated connector to be set up in your Cargo workspace. Some integrations are eligible for use with Cargo credits. See the documentation for instructions on setting up connectors and using Cargo credits.

Get started with Albacross in Cargo#

Step 1#

Receive segment-based signals from Albacross

Albacross allows you to track the website domains of B2B visitors to your website.

The Albacross interface allows you to sort website visitors based on buying intents and ideal customer criteria, so that you receive the most commpanies to outreach.

Once done, click Workflows in the menu, then choose 'Create Workflow' and select 'Webhook'. Here, use the Cargo webhook URL to add into the “URL” field. This connects your Cargo workflow to Albacross for sending information to.

Save your settings and test the payload transmission to your Cargo workflow.

Step 2#

Enrich the stakeholders

Once received, a payload will typically contain multiple website domains identified by Albacross. Using these domains, you can use an enrichment node to find stakeholders with relevant job titles.

Additionally, each enrichment provider allows for the specification of additional filters (e.g., location, seniority) to refine the search further, ensuring the most suitable contact persona is returned.

When selecting this node, you can use an enrichment tool that you're already subscribed to (e.g., Zoominfo, Cognism, Apollo, Clearbit) or choose new providers available with Cargo credits (e.g., PeopleDataLabs,

Step 3#

Outreach stakeholders

Once you have the stakeholders' emails from the step above, Cargo allows you to take individual actions for each contact retrieved. Often, users will outreach these with a preferred email marketing tool integrated with Cargo (e.g., Instantly, Outreach, Salesloft, Apollo, Smartlead, etc).

It's also recommended to quickly check against existing contacts in the CRM and create a new one if absent to avoid duplicate outreach. Optionally, trigger a Slack alert for high-priority records to an Account Executive.

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