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Identifying prospects who have opened your emails is a powerful indicator of their interest and potential readiness to engage further.

This guide demonstrates how to leverage Smartlead within Cargo to enhance your outreach process, ensuring you’re capitalizing on this momentum to connect a sales rep to this prospect.


All integrations mentioned in this guide require an associated connector to be set up in your Cargo workspace. Some integrations are eligible for use with Cargo credits. See the documentation for instructions on setting up connectors and using Cargo credits.

Get started with Smartlead in Cargo#

Step 1#

Capture signals from Smartlead

Smartlead tracks email engagements and can emit a payload via webhook, notifying you when a prospect opens an email in your sequence.

An email opened, once or multiple times, indicates a heightened interest and provides a valuable opportunity for targeted follow-up.

Once configured, Smartlead will send signals when emails are opened. Cargo receives these signals, which include relevant data such as the recipient's email address, which can be used to execute follow-up action across the rest of the revenue stack.

Step 2#

Enrich contact details

Using the email address captured from Smartlead, employ either an enrichment node or a CRM search node in Cargo to retrieve context around this prospect.

If enriching, you can use your preferred enrichment node to obtain comprehensive data about the stakeholders (e.g., PeopleDataLabs, are available to use with Cargo credits).

Step 3#

Allocate to Account Executives

Utilize the allocation node in Cargo to assign the contact identified above to the appropriate sales territory, using Cargo’s revenue organization feature.

This setup enables flexible grouping of sales representatives according to your sales strategies and manages each territory member’s capacity, ensuring an even distribution of leads.

Step 4#

Prompt human intervention

After allocation, you can ping the assigned representative via the Slack integration, while passing the appropriate context in the message.

In addition, you may choose to trigger further steps in the outreach sequence using the Smartlead integration to improve the nurturing experience for the prospect vis-a-vis a typically rigid outreach sequence with fixed intervals.

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